Magnetic Separator

Magnetic system is compounded of ferrite and permanent magnets; the average magnetic induction intensity of cylinder surface is 100~600mT.

Magnetic system materials adopt ferrite and NdFeB with high performance, high coercive force and high remanence; the surface of the cylinder is lined with Xinhai wear-resistant rubber.

The same cylinder can be equipped with three types of tank adapting to different dressing process.

Rubber Liner

【Introduction】:A complete set of ball mill rubber liner consists of end-liner (grid type is lattice liner), ends lifter bar, the center ring (grid type is center liner), fillers, barrel lifter bar (also known as layering), cylinder liner, manhole, fasteners and other parts.

【Features】:Low power consumption, high wear and impact resistance, low noise, easy to install, saving the ball.

gravida eget auctor

【Introduction】:A vacuum dewatering filter relying on microporous ceramic

【Filtering Area】:1~150m2

【Improvempent】:Microporous ceramic as filtering medium saves cost by 90%

High filtration precision, solid content of filtrate50ppm, which can be recycle used in the system. Energy saving up to 90%, low energy consumption, low running cost. Filter cake cleaning system is installed. PLC and computer integrate with automatic valve control.

Gold CIP Production Line

【Introduction】:Gold CIP Production Line adsorbs gold from cyaniding pulp by active carbon including 7 steps: leaching pulp preparation, cyaniding leaching, carbon adsorption, gold loaded carbon desorption, pregnant solution electrodeposit, carbon acid regeneration, leaching pulp.It is very useful gold recovery method in mineral processing.

【Application】:There are two kinds of ore suitable for gold CIP production line: flotation gold concentrate, amalgamation and gravity tailings; mudded oxidized ore

Mineral Processing EPC

Xinhai EPC provides services of sample test, mine design, equipment manufacture, etc. for clients, and solves the common problems in plant construction such as budget over-run, schedule delays, unqualified equipment, unclear recovery benefit, disputes of the manufacturers, and unclear responsibility of after-sale service

Guidance of plant construction and equipment installation, achievement of equipment commissioning, training of plant staff providing of spare parts, plant consumables, equipment repair and maintenance, etc.


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