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1900 blank Pond ( Kaal Pond )

1900 blank Pond ( Kaal Pond )

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Total Issued / Made : 0
Country : South Africa
Hallmarks : none
Size : 22,16mm
Material : 22ct Gold
Published on : 2017-07-07

Our Review on this item

It is believed that during 1900 President Paul Kruger requested that the State Attorney ( J.C. Smuts ) go to Pretoria to collect all available currency from the Pretoria mint, to help the state pay their troops.

Once the gold coins where being distributed to the troops they found in-between the gold coins, blank gold coins. The coins are of correct weight and size.

No one knows the number of Kaal Ponde in existence making these coins an exciting and valuable coin to collectors.

Our Valuation : R 40000.00
Subject to our standard terms & the item's condition.

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