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Mandela Birthday R5 coin, investment or not?

Mandela Birthday R5 coin, investment or not?

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Total Issued / Made : 22 000 000
Country : South Africa
Hallmarks : none
Size : 26mm
Material : Bi-Metal
Published on : 2017-06-05

Our Review on this item

What a wonderful way of celebrating an icon's birthday by issuing a R5 coin in Mandela's honour.

Little did we know how certain people will take this opportunity to line their pockets by marketing these Mandela R5 coins as being valuable & scarce. From young and old bought these coins from coin traders, online traders, paying anything from R150 to thousands of rands per coin.

A few years has passed since the volatile frenzy purchase craze, some people's financial status or eagerness to cash in on their investment put them in a position to start selling off their "investment" Mandela coins.

Some went back to the companies they purchased it from to sell back their "investment coins" only to find out those same businesses are either not purchasing the coins back or make much lower buy back offers, much less than the buyer paid for the coins.

As a coin collector myself, I always ask these simple questions before I purchase any coins :

1) Is the coin scare to start with?
2) Is the coin in Uncirculated or Proof state?
3) Refer to a coin catalog if you are not familiar with a coin's value / mintage figure
4) Is there a demand and will there be a demand for this coin?

Always try to purchase a graded coin ( NGC ) offers the best service, and they are 99% spot on with their grading of South African coins.

Always ask multiple dealers, coin collectors & companies before you purchase investment coins, their help can often save you money and at times keep you safe from scams.

Ultimately, this is a free country, so would I purchase a Mandela birthday R5 coin, graded or ungraded? Hell no.

Our Valuation : R 5.00
Subject to our standard terms & the item's condition.

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