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Krugerrand's, the easiest way to invest in gold

Krugerrand's, the easiest way to invest in gold

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Total Issued / Made : 0
Country : South Africa
Hallmarks : none
Size : 32.77
Material : 22ct Gold
Published on : 2017-06-11

Our Review on this item

Krugerrand's was first minted in the late 1960's, and in a very short time span became a very popular way for the ordinary man to invest in and own physical gold, both in South Africa and internationally.

Buying Krugerrand's are easy today, with many businesses selling the coins. You get different sized Krugerrand's namely, 1/10th ounce, 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce and then the full 1 ounce coins ( 33.93 g ).

Krugerrand's selling prices range from between gold price + 12% to gold price + 20%, making them the most affordable gold coins on the market.

As of late, and as with any high value coins, there are fakes out there, so do be cautious from where you purchase your gold coins from.

Krugerrand's are classified as bullion coins, meaning their price is almost exclusively linked to the gold price, unlike proof gold coins and other gold coin sets which tend to sell for much more than their actual gold value, which does not make them nearly as appealing as the Krugerrand for short to medium term investment.

Our Valuation : R 17000.00
Subject to our standard terms & the item's condition.

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