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Buying Gemstones & Diamonds

Looking for that perfect Diamond or Sapphire? We supply Diamonds, Sapphire, Rubies and Emeralds to the public as below market prices. Contact us should you need gemstones for your jewellery or special ring.

Gemstones & Diamonds

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Buying War Medals

Being collectors ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to add genuine items to a collection, we offer a safe service where we will source any specific war medal you need for your collection.

We offer a discreet and safe service, all the while guaranteeing the products we supply as being genuine.

War Medals

Boer War Medal kimberley star 1900 Zulu War Medal

Buying Coins

Looking for that special coin for your coin collection? Or that elusive 1931 Tickey? Or maybe a 1927 uncirculated One Shilling? We know coins, and the people collecting them.

We offer a safe coin sourcing service, we make use of our extensive collectors base to search for coins you may need for your collection.


Gold Two Rand 1892 Five Shilling Half Crown

Old Coins to Sell ?

If you have old coins to sell visit our old coins page for information on the coins we purchase.

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Sell Gold

Do you have unwanted or broken gold jewellery, convert it into cash easily with Gold & Coin.

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Please note that while we offer advise on coin values, current and future coin investments, we are not authorised financial advisors, we can only advise you on past and current coin values, the end decision lies with you to make the final investment choices for yourself at your own risk.

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