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Old South African & Rhodesian Banknotes

If you have any old banknotes that are still in very good condition, no tears, ink marks, stains or other damage, we will make you an offer on them.

The condition of old banknotes are even more important to collectors than coin collectors, condition is everything and is ultimately the determining price factor.

While we only list a few banknote images as examples of what we purchase, should you have any other old banknotes not listed on this page, do contact us with information and an image of your banknote(s).

Some of the Banknotes we purchase.

  • Zuid Afr Rep. Banknotes
  • Rhodesia Banknotes
  • Standard Bank Banknotes
  • South African Banknotes

Old Banknotes

Rhodesia Five Pound Banknote South African One Pound Banknote South African Ten Pound Banknote SA Union One Pound Banknote South African Ten Shilling Banknote ZAR Five Pond Banknote Rhodesia Two Dollar Banknote Rhodesia One Dollar Banknote South African Fifty Rand Banknote

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If you have old coins to sell visit our old coins page for information on the coins we purchase.

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Want to buy Old Coins or Old Banknotes ?

Visit our Buyers information page on how to purchase old coins or old banknotes from Gold & Coin. We have an extensive network of collectors who collect, trade and sell coins & banknotes.

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Get a Quote on your Old BankNotes

Our offer on any coin is highly depended on the true condition of your coin. We reserve the right to revoke any offer(s) made on any coins for any reason whatsoever, only at our sole discretion will we honor and complete a transaction.

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