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Old SA Coin and international coin values

Sell your Old SA & International Coins

Sell your Old Coins

Selling your coins might sound like a daunting task with so many businesses and collectors in the market. We at Gold & Coin want to make the process as easy as possible by offering a professional service, while supplying as much information on coins as possible so you can make informed decisions.

We have listed the values of coins and mintage figures of all the coins displayed on our website, this will aid you in the value of your coins.

Old South African Coins

We purchase most South African coins dating from 1969 and earlier.

What we purchase :

  • R1 Coins 1965-1969
  • 50c Coins 1961-1964
  • 20c Coins 1961-1964
  • 10c Coins 1961-1964
  • 5c Coins 1961-1964
  • 2 1/2c Coins 1961-1964
  • 5 Shilling 1947-1960
  • Half Crowns 1923-1960
  • Two Shillings 1923-1960
  • One Shillings 1923-1960
  • Six Pences 1923-1960
  • Tickeys 1923-1960

For a full list of coins we purchase with coin pricing, please view our dedicated coin information page below. We have compiled a complete South African Coin list information page with values and pricing for you to check the value of your old coins.

SA Coin List & Values Coin Values

Old International Coins

We have listed numerous coins from Rhodesia & Great Britain. The values and mintage figures has been listed for you to view, all coins we purchase will have a minimum offer on those pages. Offers linked to particular coins are subject to the condition of the coin and represents an offer on a coin of Fine condition.

We will be adding more coins to our list of international coins. We want to make is easy and add a layer of transparency for everyone to make informed decisions on the purchasing and selling of coins.

Coin Values

Short List of SA Coins we buy

Kruger Penny Kruger Tickey Kruger Sixpence Kruger Shilling Kruger Two Shilling Kruger Halfcrown
Kruger Five Shilling One Rand 1965 -1969 10 Cent 20 Cent 50 Cent Halfcrown Six Pence One Shilling Five Shilling

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Once we receive your quote request, we will issue you with a quote within 24 hours or we may request additional information from you.

Quotes issued are valid for 7 days. By submitting a quote request you consent to us sending you an email from time to time informing you of coin value updates, coin news and other related articles.

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Our offer on any coin is highly depended on the true condition of your coin. We reserve the right to revoke any offer(s) made on any coins for any reason whatsoever, only at our sole discretion will we honor and complete a transaction.

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